12. September 2020

Maelstrom Imperium

We are proud to announce Anguish Sublime’s long awaited full-length entitled ‘Maelstrom Imperium’!
The album is released under the wings of Silent Watcher Records.

The album consists of nine songs, each of them being a real journey through a wide range of stylistic variety, both musically and vocally, with lots of atmosphere, a fair amount of hard-hitting melodies and unusual lyrical content.
The CD version is released on a standard jewel case format with an edition limited to 500 copies and it is available from the 7th of November 2020, at the SWR webstore.

Hail and support the underground!

03. December 2020

"Maelstrom Imperium" free on bandcamp!

Hey all! “Maelstrom Imperium” is available in digital form on our bandcamp page and it is free for streaming and download!

You can support us by donating (put something into the “Name your price” field), or you can order the CD from our publisher store!

Tomorrow, on November the 4th, is the “Bandcamp friday” – which means that all of the donations and revenues goes to the artists! Any support is much appreciated and very much welcome!


Pozdrav svima! “Maelstrom Imperium” je dostupan u digitalnoj formi na našoj bandcamp stranici i besplatan je za slušanje i download!

Podržite nas putem donacije (unesite nešto u “Name your price” polje) ili poručite CD iz web prodavnice našeg izdavača!

Sutra, 4. novembra, je tzv “Bandcamp petak” – što znači da sve donacije i prihod idu direktno izvođačima! Svaka podrška je veoma cenjena i dobrodošla!


07. November 2020

"Mesmerized In Asphyxiated Delight" visualizer's out!

This time we’re giving you a blast from the past! Check out the rerecorded/rearranged version of “Mesmerized In Asphyxiated Delight”! Feel free to like and share!

Big thanks to András Ispán for laying down the basslines on this one! \m/

07. November 2020

"Maelstrom Imperium" is officially released!

Ladies and gents! We’re pleased to announce that “Maelstrom Imperium” is officially released! You can order the CD at the SWR Store, E-Bay or Discogs

As stated by the publisher, a free shipping offer is there for ordering 1 set of 24 CDs. Interested? Please contact them via: info@silentwatcherrecord.de

25. October 2020

"Maelstrom Imperium" lyrics video

Hey folks!

We present you the lyrics video for the title track of our upcoming album “Maelstrom Imperium”

Feel free to like and share!

You can still place your preorders on the Silent Watcher Records webstore

Check out our official youtube channel

Horns up!

06. September 2020

AS signed to Silent Watcher Records

We have finally come to an agreement for a record deal with Silent Watcher Records
More infos are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Visit the Silent Watcher Records facebook page, like and share it! Support the underground!

26. November 2018

AS @ MetalDevastation's "Into The Pit"!

Tune in tonight at 7pm UK (8pm CET) to the Into The Pit on www.metaldevastationradio.com and check out the metal radio show hosted by the DJ Elric Newby! This week, AS, among many other great bands, will hit the show playlist! \m/

Visit the Into the Pit @ Metal Devastation Radio facebook page page, like and share it! Support the underground! Big cheers and horns up to all! \m/

29. May 2017

AS @ Demoniac's Dark Side Of Metal radio show

Hey hey! Check out the Demoniac’s Dark Side Of Metal radio show, where, among other great bands, you can hear the title song from our “Thornwinged” EP! \m/ \m/\m/

Please visit the Dark Side Of Metal facebook page, like and share it! Support the underground! Enjoy!

29. June 2016

AS @ the Underground Show on the Midlands Metalheads Radio!

Check out for the Midlands Metalheads Radio, the Underground Show podcast for June! AS, ‘mongst many other great bands, were played in this months show! Horns up! \m/

Visit the Midlands Metalheads Radio official page or their facebook page

06. January 2016

AS on "Mires Of Sorrow: A Tribute To My Dying Bride"!

We are very pleased and honoured to announce that Anguish Sublime took part in the “Mires Of Sorrow: A Tribute To My Dying Bride”, an official My Dying Bride tribute compilation.

Anguish Sublime has been included, among 7 other bands, on the limited edition Compact Disc, officially published today, on January the 6th, 2016.

Click to the following link to visit the Mires of Sorrow official bandcamp page, where you can find the official “Mires Of Sorrow: A Tribute To My Dying Bride” limited edition CD and the bonus tracks digital release!


02. December 2015

"Thornwinged" review @ Inside the Coffin

Check out the review for the “Thornwinged” EP on the dutch “Inside the Coffin” webzine! You can visit the review page by clicking on this link! Cheers! \m/

Inside the Coffin webzine

11. November 2015

AS @ Eat This Rock & Metal radio!

Anguish Sublime has been added to the Greek Eat This! Rock and Metal radio rotation! Tune in and listen to it at Eat This! official page! Horns up! \m/

Visit the Eat This! Rock and Metal radio official page or their facebook page

09. November 2015

AS interview @ Blackened Horde zine

Read the extensive interview Árpád did for the Blackened Horde zine! Horns up for Altara and Blackened Horde zine crew! \m/

Visit Blackened Horde zine

02. November 2015

"Thornwinged" featured on the Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Show!


Tune in and check out the Night’s LIVE Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Show​! Anguish Sublime’s “Thornwinged” will be played along with many other great stuff!

The show starts at 8pm (GMT) = 9pm (CET) = 3pm EST – this evening (November 2nd) – don’t you miss it! 😉

Click here to visit the Cranium Titanium facebook page. Direct web radio link: http://tunein.com/radio/Flirt-FM-1013-s9506/

Big cheers to Trevor and Cranium Titanium Metal Radio show crew! Horns up! \m/\m/\m/

06. October 2015

"Rainfall Epiphany" opens the Riffs of Steel: Fire Tiger compilation!

Greetings ladies and gents!

Don’t miss the six-anniversary edition of Revista Heavyriff zine! One of AS songs, “Rainfall Epiphany”, is chosen to be the opening track in the special six-anniversary compilation, titled “Riffs of Steel: Fire Tiger”, that is included in this issue of magazine!

Horns up! \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/


  • Anguish Sublime – Rainfall Epiphany
  • Hamunaptra – Prisionero (Demo)
  • Hard Love – Al Pie del Cañón
  • Hell – I Hate
  • Jorge Curiel – Tótem
  • Lead Soldier – Tregua Perfecta
  • Nightfyre – Nameless Warrior
  • Raijin – Heavy Metal
  • Razorblade – Non Serviam
  • Steel Machine – Hammer Strike
  • Tokio – Gen Egoísta
  • Witchfyre – Banshee

Magazine in PDF: http://bit.ly/HeavyRiff35
Compilation: http://bit.ly/Fire-Tiger
Online: http://bit.ly/HeavyRiff35

It is released on the October 1st 2015 and it’s free for download!

Click to the following links to visit the HeavyRiff blog or the HeavyRiff’s official facebook page!

03. October 2015

AS interview @ "Pits of Utumno" zine

Another interview, this time for the Pits of Utumno zine! Visit the facebook page of the Pits of Utumno zine or click here to download the fanzine in pdf format. Cheers for Igor Vlad Cepesh Živić! \m/

Visit Pits of Utumno facebook page

26. September 2015

"Thornwinged" review @ the "Wings of Death"

Check out the review for the “Thornwinged” EP on the dutch “Wings of Death” zine! You can visit the review page by clicking on this link! Cheers! \m/

Wings of Death fanzine

22. September 2015

Anguish Sublime @ Ekstremna Zona

The “Thornwinged” EP has been presented on the radio show “Extreme Zone” that is being broadcast on the Radio Television of Vojvodina! You can listen to the show on their official page! Big thanks to the crew of the “Extreme Zone”! \m/

EP “Thornwinged” predstavljen je u radio emisiji “Ekstremna zona” Radio Televizije Vojvodine! Emisiju možete poslušati na stranici emisije na sajtu RTV! Hvala ekipi Ekstremne zone na podršci! \m/

Extreme zone – facebook page

17. September 2015

AS @ European Metal Channel

Hey hey! Check out the new promotional video for the Thornwinged EP made by our friends from the European Metal Channel! Cheers mates! \m/

Also check out the youtube channel of the European Metal Channel or their facebook page!

Cheers for Vegazza and his crew!

08. September 2015

Anguish Sublime featured in the new Heavyriff compilation!

¡Hola amigos!

Anguish Sublime is featured on the Heavyriff’s special six-anniversary compilation – Riffs of Steel: Fire Tiger, along with eleven great bands! Make sure you check it out!

It will be released on the October 1st 2015 and will be free for download!

Click to the following links to visit the HeavyRiff blog or the HeavyRiff’s official facebook page!

Big thanks to Cristóbal Torres and HeavyRiff crew and congratulations on the six successful years! Cheers mates!


11. August 2015

"Thornwinged" review @ SMP

Check out the review for the “Thornwinged” EP on the Serbian Metal Portal! Big cheers to SMP crew! Hail!

Click on the link to visit the Serbian Metal Portal or here to visit Serbian Metal Portal facebook page

05. August 2015

AS interview @ MKMETAL

Hail! Check out the looong Anguish Sublime interview for the Macedonian MKMETAL Webzine! Cheers to Alek K. and MKMETAL crew! \m/\m/\m/

Check the MKMETAL webzine and MKMETAL Facebook page

24. July 2015

"Unveiling The Origin" review @ Metal Temple!

Hey all! Check out the fantastic review for the “Unveiling The Origin” EP by the Sir Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell @ Metal Temple! Horns up for the Dave and the Metal Temple crew! Cheers! \m/\m/\m/

Click on the following links to visit the Metal Temple website or to this link to go to the Metal Temple facebook page

15. July 2015

"Thornwinged" review @ Encyclopaedia Metallum

And here’s another review for the “Thornwinged” EP, this time on the Encyclopaedia Metallum! Check it out!
14. July 2015

"Thornwinged" added to youtube!

All “Thornwinged” songs have been uploaded to youtube! Check them out! We have added each track separately, but also a full EP video for your convenience! Enjoy! \m/

28. April 2015

Collector's Edition of "Unveiling the Origin"

Hail! The collectors edition of Anguish Sublime’s “Unveiling the Origin” EP is finally here! It is a very limited edition, consisting of not more than 60 copies! The price of the CD is 4.00EUR + 3.00EUR shipment cost.

Za fanove iz Srbije – “Unveiling the Origin” CD je dostupan u Mungosu u Novom Sadu od sutra! Takođe nas možete kontaktirati na anguishsublime@gmail.com i poručiti CD pouzećem – cena je 400RSD + ptt troškovi (okvirno 120-150RSD).

21. September 2014

"Worm's Eye-view" lyrics video

Hail! Check out the new lyrics video for “Worm’s Eye-view” – it’s not a classic lyric video though 😉

We hope you will enjoy it!

Also check out our youtube channel for old and new stuff! Stay metal! \m/

...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb
...to the hand of thy very own self.

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