Oct 25th
“Maelstrom Imperium” lyrics video

Hey folks! We present you the lyrics video for the title track of our upcoming album “Maelstrom Imperium” Feel free to like and share! You can still place your preorders on the Silent Watcher Records webstore Check out our official youtube channel Horns up!

Sep 12th
Maelstrom Imperium

We are proud to announce Anguish Sublime’s long awaited full-length entitled ‘Maelstrom Imperium’! The album is released under the wings of Silent Watcher Records. The album consists of nine songs, each of them being a real journey through a wide range of stylistic variety, both musically and vocally, with lots of atmosphere, a fair amount […]

Jul 4th

We are proud to present Anguish Sublime’s brand new EP titled “Thornwinged”! “Thornwinged” contains an instrumental intro and three full songs in the vein of Anguish Sublime’s previous works, with some unusual twists and a bit darker atmosphere as well. The tracklist: 1. Black Moon Diadem 2. Thornwinged 3. Rainfall Epiphany 4. Heart Of The […]

May 24th
Wings of thorns wide unfurled!

A brand new EP entitled “Thornwinged” is on its way! It will be released in a digital format, but a limited cd edition is also expected. The well-known atmospheric death/black/doom mixture will this time be coloured with a bit darker nuances, revealing some unexpected moments as well. The tracklist: 1. Black Moon Diadem 2. Thornwinged […]

May 17th
…coming soon…
Apr 28th
Collector’s Edition of “Unveiling the Origin”

Hail! The collectors edition of Anguish Sublime’s “Unveiling the Origin” EP is finally here! It is a very limited edition, consisting of not more than 60 copies! The price of the CD is 4.00EUR + 5.00EUR shipping cost. Za fanove iz Srbije – “Unveiling the Origin” možete poručiti pouzećem slanjem maila na – cena […]

May 29th
Unveiling the Origin

Hail! Anguish Sublime is awaken from a 10 year slumber and brings out the new release! The EP titled “Unveiling the Origin” is finally out and ready to fill your senses with gushing sounds of the atmospheric death metal! The release contains the following tracks: Damnation Code Worm’s Eye-View Coffin for a Frozen Desire Cycloneheart […]

May 16th
Among The Raven Skies

LATEST RELEASE May 2004 – The first impact of ANGUISH SUBLIME hits the target! The demo entitled “Among the Raven Skies” has been finally unleashed upon this weakening world. Grimly enchanting harmonies combined with aggressive and rough sound, yielding an eminent epic atmosphere. A real soulsnaring melodic Death Metal essence!

...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb the hand of thy very own self.

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