Nov 7th
“Mesmerized In Asphyxiated Delight” visualizer’s out!

This time we’re giving you a blast from the past! Check out the rerecorded/rearranged version of “Mesmerized In Asphyxiated Delight”! Feel free to like and share! Big thanks to András Ispán for laying down the basslines on this one! \m/

Oct 25th
“Maelstrom Imperium” lyrics video

Hey folks! We present you the lyrics video for the title track of our upcoming album “Maelstrom Imperium” Feel free to like and share! You can still place your preorders on the Silent Watcher Records webstore Check out our official youtube channel Horns up!

Jul 14th
“Thornwinged” added to youtube!

All “Thornwinged” songs have been uploaded to youtube! Check them out! We have added each track separately, but also a full EP video for your convenience! Enjoy! \m/

Sep 21st
“Worm’s Eye-view” lyrics video

Hail! Check out the new lyrics video for “Worm’s Eye-view” – it’s not a classic lyric video though 😉 We hope you will enjoy it! Also check out our youtube channel for old and new stuff! Stay metal! \m/

...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb the hand of thy very own self.

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