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Tracklist (length: 51:27):

1. Maelstrom Imperium
2. Anguish Sublime
3. Panthemonium
4. The Next Apocalypse
5. Mesmerized In Asphyxiated Delight
6. Under The Lunar Blaze
7. The Heretic Ascent
8. A Sigh For The Goblin Goddess
9. Somberdawn Helix



1. Maelstrom Imperium

(Music: 2004, Lyrics: 2015)

Feel the ancient pulse, as the heartbeat relentless
Still conquers the lights carved amidst the dust
Unfolding spectral dynamics, where cimmerian maelstroms reign
Conducting the rites of devourment
The primeval imperium robust

Shards of chaos widely scattered
Across the entropic seas, where infinity lies shattered
In silence outstretched beyond the thresholds of perpetual void

Arcane sepulchral echoes unwind
A funeral dirge in cosmic recurrence
‘Mongst the galactic shrines – endless be the feast!
Through demise shall rebirth (for)ever increase

Behold the swirling cradles of universal infancy
The reflections of our past permeated through the continuum

Like dark gods bleeding bright
Powers that be, unraveled in sight
Fatal, yet prodigal their cauldron boils
Brewing matter begotten within the havoc-sculpted coils

Relentless are the cyclone dancers
Thus waltzing in a wild cathartic rage
A gobbling black king crowned in every heart
To gorge on illaqueated suns ripped apart

Dark gods bleeding bright
Powers that be, unraveled in sight
Where the dawning of time cast its initial spell
Bestowed upon the altars, where the quasars dwell

2. Anguish Sublime

(Music: 2003, Lyrics: 2004)

Open the mouth of ages nocturnalized
For so long was the silence of her
Blood-tears of unspoken suffering
Meander down her wrinkled cheeks

Her woods – are my limbs
Her soil – is my flesh
Her oceans – my blood
Her mountains – my shrines

So cold is her glance
And even colder her touch
She bleeds upon us
Her gore infected

From thousand wounds she bleeds
Even in anguish she’s so sublime

For all her rivers – are my veins
Her nucleus – my heart
That feels the pain, for she cries
Yet, her wisdom still sublime in my eyes
…my watery eyes

Her final breath shall erase the vultures

I reach through the maelstrom of the chaos prime
To summon the twilight of all divinities to come
Now behold the colossal stronghold of night
The coronation and enthronement of the ancient might

Their idols` severed heads shall be her reward
After the last of the angels succumb to her sword

3. Panthemonium

(Music: 2004, Lyrics: 2005)

Like carnal wine upon the gilded shrine
Of aeons eclipsed and war-hexed empires
These words lie cold, swollen with gloom
Cast ‘fore the jaws of this ceremonious doom

With storm-induced motions, grey visions unwind
While carbon tears appear on the guises outworn
Yet, still, in the eyes – solely hollow deadlights play
As the past regurgitates our dreams forlorn

Fed be the neoteric hunger for golden lies on silver plates
As the humanimal fauna, unbridled, trudges into sumptuous graves

Hear the death-knell chiming
The pandemonium resuscitates us

These words lie cold, where frail lights loom
In mephitic enthrallment, swollen with gloom

The colossal throne of emptiness is revealed
In the vacuum of sumptuous graves
To where all our pathways lead

4. The Next Apocalypse

(Music: 2002, Lyrics: 2008)

Through a wordless speech held in infinite scars
Let the the sores pronounce what the mouth could not
As the infectious notion of light grows effete
With every single breath, a new inmost apocalypse to greet

From an ageless disease
Tiny deaths have been born
Ever resourceful for their biological dance
To feed the self-devouring flames of deception
Or to enshroud the splendour that the void might reveal…

Through wormholes torn in the fabric of subconscious
Let the inmost self navigate your thoughts
While reality contorts into an elaborate routine
Fueled with an urge to leave this mental quarantine

Do you see degeneration inside the rapture
Or enthrallment beyond deformity?

5. Mesmerized In Asphyxiated Delight

(Music: 2000, Lyrics: 2001)

Mesmerized I bleed in asphyxiated delight
Reaching for the fearful luxury of passing
With such cold brightness my eyes do gleam
An overture for ending we’re all about to dream

As the primal equilibrist falls down once again
And the architects of the Promised Land lay down their schemes
An image of a self-mutilating world unveils before me
In the sands of time
Where destiny had drawn my mortal self…
In such grim existence

Enfold me black shroud of joyless rapture
Bring blindness to my jaded sight
Unfurl the maelstrom of night eternal
And embalm me with a promise of light’s absence

Let forgetfulness devour our names
And find me down here
Below the rotten leaves of autumn
Where life’s summer lies transfixed

6. Under The Lunar Blaze

(Music: 1999, Lyrics: 1999)

Like aspirants to the scaffold
The solar dancers heave a last sigh
As the utmost fear prevails
Within the clairvoyant’s eye

On flaming hearse-wheels
The witherspace spirits the past away
Sear are the flowers in the mourning’s sway

By ice-cold winds caressed
In dark luxury, where memories rest
The dominion of gloom arises
By the constancy of death

In glowing insomnia
I unbosom to the eminent darkness
As beneath the unclouded moon-fire
The entire nature seems pleased

Beneath the waves of dismay
These insurgent visions glare
As the colours drift apart
Through desolation, eaten away

Under the lunar blaze
‘Neath the enchanting shepherd of wolves
I drown into the symphonies of my non-existent
Yet forever lasting disease

Through the desert spectral halls
Of dreams in line with the dead
Where defiant shadows ascend
Into a quiescent tyranny I’ve been led

So, I gather my jaded soul into the abyssic dark
And I stroll through the eye-hole of eternity itself

7. The Heretic Ascent

(Music: 2015, Lyrics: 2015)

With manifold deceptions it has come to be
The void with many names, embedded in minds resigned
A top-shelf poison poured into the wellspring of sanity
For too long have its toxic sermons been guiding the blind

Fairytales wrapped in morbid aesthetics
Inebriate the herds through the holy abode of lies
Bent under the scourge of this pernicious hoax
Crawling like maggots before the crucified clown

With scorn towards all knowledge
Ignorance leads the way
Common sense at point blank execution
A gaping mental mass grave revealed

Always disposed to reap the fruits
Where the sacred plagues are deeply sown
In such fertile and well-manured spiritual soil
For a greater harvest their rules are set in stone

May wisdom be our torch to set their world ablaze
Our fury be relentless as the heathen flames awake
The ragged flags of their kingdom are now lowered at half mast
An ecclesiastical ground zero shall hail the dawn of the iconoclast

Smell the burnt fantasies and let our matriarch rise
From her knees, once again, under skies turned red
When to vultures and glowing heretic fires
The half-rotten offals of their god are fed

8. A Sigh For The Goblin Goddess

(Music: 2015)

9. Somberdawn Helix

(Music: 2003, Lyrics: 2004)

Behold the seething nightskies’ glazed ornaments alight
When the aurian reflections descend into recess
From the cobwebony forest fog, neon-eyed shadows transpire
To inhale the scent of eclipse at the climax of the solar absence

I cast myself into serenity
Imbued with such profanity
Which the reign of the chaosborn matter holds
Blessed with cold nocturnal bliss
I let the colours of midnight unfold

Harsh pestiferous winds sing glorious rhymes
Like a death-written poetry that through the blackness resounds
To subdue the baleful torture our quailing spirits bear
I shred the horizons force-clad in sacred vestments

We shall devour the wretched children of Megiddo
Who shackled our souls with outrageous chains
And kept us constrained

Powered by profanity of dark limbonic sublimity
I feed from the very source of their demise
From sombreness grown predominant
The principal substance is on the rise

Tremble sanctimonious servants of the fallacious
And bow to the dominion christless – enthroned!

So I rend the sacred veil of time
And call the ancient aeons: “Awake!”
Long lost and forgotten ages rise again from the primordial spawn
May the substantial shadowrealm accede to a throne!

Unfurl thyself sunless dawn
Like a fiery helix of thorns!

Beneath the seething nightskies’ magnificence abstract
Through the harmony and order of chaos I increase their bane
As the obscure refulgence of Nihil embraces their hearts
To never let their hourglass be inverted again
… never again

Release lineup:
♦ Aleksandar Crnobrnja – guitars, keys, programming
♦ Árpád Takács – vocals

All music was written by Crnobrnja, except A Sigh For The Goblin Goddess by Crnobrnja/Takács ♦ All lyrics by Takács ♦ Cover art/booklet/cd design by Crnobrnja ♦ Logo by Takács

Maelstrom Imperium was recorded/engineered/mixed/mastered by Crnobrnja at the Ravenmoon Studios 2016-2020, Novi Sad, Serbia

We would like to thank everyone who took part in any shape or form of support for this band during these past 22 years. A special thanks goes out to András Ispán for laying down the basslines for the track Nr. 5! Cheers!

The CD version of “Maelstrom Imperium” is released under the wings of Silent Watcher Records and it will be available in a standard jewel case format with an edition limited to 500 copies from the 7th of November 2020, at the SWR webstore.

Hail and support the underground!


...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb the hand of thy very own self.

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