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Nov 9th
AS interview @ Blackened Horde zine

Read the extensive interview Árpád did for the Blackened Horde zine! Horns up for Altara and Blackened Horde zine crew! \m/ Visit Blackened Horde zine

Oct 3rd
AS interview @ “Pits of Utumno” zine

Another interview, this time for the Pits of Utumno zine! Visit the facebook page of the Pits of Utumno zine or click here to download the fanzine in pdf format. Cheers for Igor Vlad Cepesh Živić! \m/ Visit Pits of Utumno facebook page

Aug 6th
Another AS interview @ Pest Webzine

Read another short Anguish Sublime interview Árpád did for the Romanian Pest Webzine! Cheers to Andrian and Pest Webzine crew! \m/ Visit Pest Webzine

Aug 5th
AS interview @ MKMETAL

Hail! Check out the looong Anguish Sublime interview for the Macedonian MKMETAL Webzine! Cheers to Alek K. and MKMETAL crew! \m/\m/\m/ Check the MKMETAL webzine and MKMETAL Facebook page

Apr 2nd
Anguish Sublime @ HEAVYRIFF

¡Hola amigos! Check out the latest issue of Heavy Riff magazine from México! Find the interview with Anguish Sublime, among many other cool stuff! Big thanks to Cristóbal Torres and Heavy Riff crew! Cheers mates!\ \m/\m/\m/\m/ Read it in: PDF: Online viewer:

Apr 1st
AS interview @ Robex Lundgren Musik Blog

April came, and with it the new interview Aleksandar gave for Robex Lundgren Musik Blog! \m/\m/\m/

Mar 30th
AS interview @ Pest Webzine!

Read the new Anguish Sublime interview @ Pest Webzine! Cheers to Andrian W Pest and his crew! \m/ Pest Webzine

Mar 17th
Interview for ViktorasBlogas

ViktorasBlogas has published an interview with Aleksandar – you can read it in full on this link Anguish Sublime – Serbia’s Death Metal Pride! Big thanks to Viktoras! \m/

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