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Damnation Code


In microcosmic enslavement
Where but mephitic silence reigns
Through the echoes of birthless infinity we fall
Unraveling the sovereign ecstasy of decrepitude
Dazed in sarcophagal blackness dismal
Rapturous and triumphant
Midst long-forsaken dreams
Towards the nadir we crawl through sanity’s ash
With the double helix damnation code
The ultimate failure is ciphered in our flesh

Worm’s Eye-View


Waiting for the tear-shaped rain
To wash the honesty of beautiful lies away
Quaint sorrows carved in paradoxical tragedies
Much too perplexed to be hated or adored…

There’s no need any longer
to strive for dreams so empty and vain
Nor to rekindle old flames
that refuse to burn anyway
All the same, we are not here
to stay for good and all
So prepare…
your ultra-conscious journey begins

The toxic fluid injected – a lethal dose of truth
annihilates through the veins
Dimensions collide, the 360 degree angle is drawn
Behold the machinehearts dissected
As we drift through the guts of eternity
soon to burst

We are the purulent sores of the Earth,
never to heal
The diorama of odium all maggot infested
This cold memento for a bleeding race
will stay alone
We, the rusty coin forged
to the weary eyelids of the world
I will attempt to rise
but will you follow if I fall?

Waiting for the tear-shaped rain
To wash the majesty of beautiful scars away

Even the worms observe us with disgust

Coffin for a Frozen Desire


Suspended in nothingness, desires convulse bleeding
Sacrificed for a new dawn which never arrives
Deep in my subconscious, where the line is drawn
Between the absurd and real…
My true self still lurks within

Beyond the desert plains
of archaic loneliness and silence
Where emotions encrusted
cry out through my wounds
As I sweep through the undimensional mirror
Of birthless stars, fate and dissolution
Time reflects nonsense
Logic is futile…
No desire is darker than mine

I emerge from the seas of life and decease
To feed from the haunting delight of ebony dreams
And still there’s no desire such dark as mine
…for I yearn to live on

Suffused with eclipse, lacerated apart
The shreds of hope now fall like leaves
In October’s desolation
As the desire lies frozen in my arms
I have to bow to the nightfall of ages

I throw aside my fears
These eyes shall bear no tears
Gaia will no longer await

The carnivorous majesty of time brings
Subterranean comfort eternal
And the continual rhyme of silence shall linger on
Unbroken forever…

Cycloneheart Vertigo


From stillborn narcissistic illusions,
we swoon and fall
As our paralyzed efforts bleed
Lamented upon the altar of dreamless fascinations
Through the cycloneheart vertigo
Vague pleasures reap the storm… of decline

Inhale the fumes, when red oceans reek
And let indulgence be the crows’ feast
Through words unsaid and things undone
We have chosen the path of eternal mists

O dear Earth!
Bestow me the pride of the one who fell first
And into thy welcoming arms unfurled
receive me!
With the spiral crown now I coalesce
To encoffin the light’s glamorous ruins
Shall these scarlet tears embitter the wine
of impressions?

Through nascent dusk and lethean tides
I march as the maelstrom embraces me
With equiessential gracefallen darkness
So pure in its simplicity

Through the conduit of hallucinations
I have embellished the grief of trenched beds
To wipe the savage grin off from the face of existence
And yet, somehow, Aeshma Daeva still rages within me
I’ve never asked for permission to suffer –
I must confess
but now when we crawl at the feet
of the devil himself
For dearer to me are the flames of Gehenna
Than the gyves that the juggler’s hollow words expose

Episode Andromeda


When the lights of our sun go out for good
I lay my head on damnation’s bed
Where golden visions once serenely slept
In wait for the dawn
by well-known voices announced
The most profound hurt appears
Portrayed through a rain of solemn tears
Destroyed in embraceless void now I vanish…

All music written by Aleksandar Crnobrnja
(except solo at 2:56 in Worm’s Eye-View written by Draško Pejovic)

All lyrics written by Árpád Takács

Bass arrangements adapted by András Ispán

Recorded and produced by Aleksandar Crnobrnja

Thanks to all that supported us throughout the years


...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb
...to the hand of thy very own self.

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