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Black Moon Diadem



(music 2002 / lyrics 2001)

Through ages sealed by the war-fiery kiss of Astarte
Into the archaic darklight I reach
Wherein all the wisdom primordial lies
Beyond delirious blackness concealed

Immortalized thornwinged chaos
From which my innermost feelings do feed

Rise above from the timeless vaults
Thy arcane subsistence, of life bereft
Still with flickering dreams coronated black
As the larva of uncreation grows supreme
Inside the heart of Abyssos

The fiery tongues of doom shall lick the world
Both earth and heaven scorched
Channeling the terminal path
For the rats of the cosmic Babylon

The breed of ancient blood stands tall
As the lights endarken and fall
Delivered into chaos and utmost demise

Rainfall Epiphany

(music 2015 / lyrics 2014)

On the skies beset with maleficent gloom
Pregnant storm clouds at duskfall break
The night ripe with darkness in full pompous bloom
As ponderous bolts of lightning awake

Stentorian thunders roar in tongues
And the rain’s somniferous voice seems never to fade
Its cancerous sorrows so harmonically arranged
Like an endless descant on my lamentations greyed

Words plummet from grace, whilst heaven cries
Raindrops eloquent, extravagant and wise
Etched in the decaying echoes of infinity
From bleak abysmal poems woven like scars

Exhilarating delusions drowned in worthless efforts
Are pouring like clean sacrificial blood
Onto the shrines of oblivion, from where moribund desires
Shall escape to south, where save but shadows bud

Omnipresent the claws of the raging storm
Tear now at my heart racked with disease
Making delicate morsels for the chthonic void to devour
My inner sanctum is raped to its knees

In eternal rainfall our destinies entwine
For since birth all hope is heading towards the circle of nine
Couldn’t care less for for the sun, when clouds are my tomb
Gloaming my abode, and shroud my costume

Heart Of The Void

(music 1997 / lyrics 2015)

Set upon the lights, to grace these nights that came
With august steps, arousing the dormant flame
Bleak shadows rain forth upon damnation’s seed
Until far-gone wounds like flowers reopen to bleed

Drifting towards agonies unspoken
In darker cerements I lay these scarlet words
Torn from this frail corrupted bliss inside
And brought to the emotional slaughter in herds

All mirth has fled, escaping my sight
In crimson tear-soaked visions enfolded
As the soul-draining process continues
Repeating itself immortally

Storms of vibrant black thoughts
Embedded in tidal distress
An inward dusk twisted into form
Breeding quiet torments evermore

The heart of the void be my solemn bed
And incessant my sleep by nightmares wed
On thorns I crawl through delight turned to dust
While enochian choirs fuel my disgust

Release lineup:

Árpád Takács – vocals
Aleksandar Crnobrnja – guitars, keys, programming
András Ispán – bass guitar

Music by Aleksandar Crnobrnja ♦ Lyrics and logo by Árpád Takács ♦ Cover and design by Aleksandar Crnobrnja ♦ Recorded and produced by Aleksandar Crnobrnja @ Ravenmoon Studios 2014-2015, Novi Sad, Serbia

Thanks to all who supported us throughout the years! ♦ Special thanks to Darko Stojanović for the help on drum arrangements on “Thornwinged” and to Maja Crnobrnja for the photo shooting.

...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb the hand of thy very own self.

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