1. Opening the Iron Gates (Intro)

(Music: Aleksandar 2001.)

2. Among the Raven Skies

(Music: Aleksandar 1998
Lyrics: Arpad 1998)

When the twilight’s scent fulfilled my breath
And the bleeding sun in agony deceased
Fearful eclipse replaced the light
Only her beauty was enchantingly bright

Like bewitched angels in trance
Even the shadows bowed to serve
For not even their grandiose darkness
Could not smother the flame of her verve

Through her cadaverous fancy I swept
As on the somber sky the full moon wept
Before her spells on my knees I fell
Condemned in bleakest depths to dwell

“Oh, raven-eyed enchantress,
Let thy lips adhere unto mine!”
In her seductive powers entwined
Her malice I could not divine

In silky ethereal bosom she drowned the fairy light
That stirred the lewd desire in my lost dreary sight

The darkness fell and she threw the spell
Upon my moonlit skies
So deep was her kiss, as the fevered bliss
That burned in my glistening eyes

The dimmest shadows crooned
And the pleasure flared behind her disguise
As fierce as the wanton desire
That glowed between her thighs

Grotesque silhouettes danced
In the night filled with such narcotic grace
I sunk in her glamorous fondness
Then she vanished without a trace

No fairness shone in her eyes
When she like death appeared again
Then at last I realized…
But my soul crept down agonized

“Art thou pleased, Spectral Queen?
I drew up thy illusion’s crown
For I’ve noticed too late
The nocturnal breed in thy frown.”

The mockery dripped from her lips red as wine
As she gloated me bleed
I knew – her curse became mine

The ether droned so dismal
As my tears drenched the soil
For her black-feathered wings carried my cries
Among the raven skies

3. Where Leprous Angels Breed

(Music: Aleksandar 1999
Lyrics: Arpad 1999)

As the flaming vortex of gorecloud arabesque
Concealed the moon’s cadaverous masque
The nightskies sang bitter serenades to the earth
Where my body was lying onward to rebirth
Dyed scarlet, and mantled in the midnight fog
In the frigid blackness lifeless I slept
All my feverous visions bore her image
When an ardent necromantic wind
Blew my nightmares to naught

Fettered by the cold chains of silence
At last, in tears I awoke
Orphaned and forlorn in the desert realm
Of my own nine hells within
“Sweet godless leprous seraphs,
I’ve become your kin!”

They led me ‘mongst the deepest winter
Through fiery meadows, where the dreamside dies
To find her phantom in frosty rapture
In the clandestine gloom, where she took my cries

I drank deep of the celestial sea
With my hands raised to the raven skies
And crowned by the moongrief above
I loosed my cheerless sighs

“Wretched are the kingdoms
Where I’ve been banished to reside
Through the ravage of oblivion
I sought comfort, yet my wounds are still wide.”

Through obscurity flavoured with mist
Eternally I shall roam and bleed
For the one who cursed me to crawl
Where leprous angels breed

4. Mesmerized in Asphyxiated Delight

(Music: Aleksandar 2000
Lyrics: Arpad 2001)

Mesmerized I bleed in asphyxiated delight
Reaching for the fearful luxury of passing
With such cold brightness my eyes do gleam
An overture for ending we’re all about to dream

As the primal equilibrist falls down once again
And the (red-handed) architects of the promised land
Lay down their schemes
An image of a self-mutilating world unveils before me
In the sands of time
Where destiny had drawn my mortal self…
In such grim existence

Enfold me black shroud of joyless rapture
Bring blindness to my jaded sight
Unfurl the maelstrom of night eternal
And embalm me with a promise of light’s absence

Let forgetfulness devour our names
And find me down here
Below the rotten leaves of autumn
Where life’s summer lies transfixed

5. Anguish Sublime

(Music: Aleksandar 2003
Lyrics: Arpad 2004)

Open the mouth of ages nocturnalized
For so long was the silence of Her
Bloodtears of unspoken suffering
Meander down Her wrinkled cheeks

Her woods – are my limbs
Her soil – is my flesh
Her oceans – my blood
Her mountains – my shrines

So cold is Her glance
And even colder Her touch
She bleeds upon us
Her gore infected

From thousand wounds She bleeds
Even in anguish She’s so sublime

For all Her rivers – are my veins
Her nucleus – my heart
That feels the pain,for She cries
Yet, Her wisdom still sublime in my eyes
…my watery eyes

Her final breath shall erase the vultures

I reach through the maelstrom of the chaos prime
To summon the twilight of all divinities to come
Now behold the colossal stronghold of night
The coronation and enthronement of the ancient might

Their idols` severed heads shall be Her reward
After the last of the angels succumb to Her sword

6. Somberdawn Helix

(Music: Aleksandar 2003
Lyrics: Arpad 2004)

Behold the seething nightskies’ glazed ornaments alight
When the aurean reflections descend into recess
From the cobwebony forest fog, neon-eyed shadows transpire
To inhale the scent of eclipse at the climax of the solar absence

I cast myself into serenity
Imbued with such profanity
Which the reign of the chaosborn matter holds
Blessed with cold nocturnal bliss
I let the colors of midnight unfold

Harsh pestiferous winds sing glorious rhymes
Like a death-written poetry that through the blackness resounds
To subdue the baleful torture our quailing spirits bare
I shred the horizons force-clad in sacred vestments

We shall devour the wretched children of Megiddo
Who shackled our souls with outrageous chains
And kept us constrained

Powered by profanity of dark limbonic sublimity
I feed from the very source of their demise
From somberness grown predominant
The principal substance is on the rise

Tremble sanctimonious servants of the fallacious
And bow to the dominion christless enthroned!

So I rend the sacred veil of time
And call the ancient aeons: “Awake!”
Long lost and forgotten ages rise again from the primordial spawn
May the substantial shadowrealm accede to a throne!

Unfurl thyself sunless dawn
Like a fiery helix of thorns!

Beneath the seething nightskies’ magnificence abstract
Through the harmony and order of chaos I increase their bane
As the obscure refulgence of Nihil embraces their hearts
To never let their hourglass be inverted again
… never again

7. The Forlorn (Outro)

(Music: Aleksandar 2004)

...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb the hand of thy very own self.

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