Oct 6th

“Rainfall Epiphany” opens the Riffs of Steel: Fire Tiger compilation!

Greetings ladies and gents!

Don’t miss the six-anniversary edition of Revista Heavyriff zine! One of AS songs, “Rainfall Epiphany”, is chosen to be the opening track in the special six-anniversary compilation, titled “Riffs of Steel: Fire Tiger”, that is included in this issue of magazine!

Horns up! \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/


  • Anguish Sublime – Rainfall Epiphany
  • Hamunaptra – Prisionero (Demo)
  • Hard Love – Al Pie del Cañón
  • Hell – I Hate
  • Jorge Curiel – Tótem
  • Lead Soldier – Tregua Perfecta
  • Nightfyre – Nameless Warrior
  • Raijin – Heavy Metal
  • Razorblade – Non Serviam
  • Steel Machine – Hammer Strike
  • Tokio – Gen Egoísta
  • Witchfyre – Banshee

Magazine in PDF: http://bit.ly/HeavyRiff35
Compilation: http://bit.ly/Fire-Tiger
Online: http://bit.ly/HeavyRiff35

It is released on the October 1st 2015 and it’s free for download!

Click to the following links to visit the HeavyRiff blog or the HeavyRiff’s official facebook page!

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