Mar 17th
Kula, “GITARIJADA KULA” (band competition)

ANGUISH SUBLIME performed on the guitar competition (“gitarijada”) in Kula. Thanks to all fans for support!

Mar 11th
Subotica, Club “ZANATLIJA”

Club “Zanatlija”, 21:30 – ANGUISH SUBLIME played along with ASHEN EPITAPH and TIARAH in front of about 120 fans. Greetings to the bands we played with!

Jul 28th
Novi Sad, club “DVORIŠTE”


Apr 12th
Novi Sad, club “GRADILIŠTE”, organized by TV PANONIJA

At 10:00 pm, club “Gradilishte” Novi Sad, organized by TV PANONIJA, which recorded the performance of ANGUISH SUBLIME. Entrance was free. Thanks to all that came to support us, and of course, thanks to TV Panonija and club “Gradilište” crews!

Mar 9th
Novi Sad, club “DVORIŠTE”

Anguish Sublime played along with Necropolis and Defilement in club “Dvorishte”, Novi Sad.

Feb 24th
Radio Beograd 202, Demo Masters Tournament 2 super-finals

And the Demo Masters Tournament 2 came to an end. Anguish Sublime ended up on the 3rd place. The tournament super-finals was transmited live on the “Belgrade 202” radio station, it started at 8:00 pm on Thursday the 24th of february and reached its end at midnight.

Feb 18th
Belgrade, club “Filozof”, Demo Masters Tournament 2 Finals

Anguish Sublime has qualified to the Super-finals of Demo Masters tournament, which will occur on february the 24th, year 2005. By the votes of the audience Anguish Sublime took 9th place, and by the votes of the jury we took 1st place. Besides Anguish Sublime, another 8 bands will perform during the Superfinals eve. Ten members of jury (listeners will act as one of them and will vote via sms) will decide which band will end as a winner of this tournament. Do listen the Belgrade 202 Demo Masters Superfinals radio show on Thursday the 24th (in 7:00 pm or?). Hail to all!

Nov 25th
Novi Sad, club “ENTER”, 21:00

The Archaic Spawn Presents – “Enter” club, 21:00, Entrance: 150 DIN
– Anguish Sublime played with Maroth and Anus Dei in front of 60 people.
– Big HAIL to Anus Dei (thanx for support) and to all those who came!

Nov 19th
Beograd, club “Filozof”, DEMO Masters Tournament (Bgd 202), 21:00

DEMO Masters Tournament (Bgd 202) – “Filozof” club, 21:00, Entrance: 100 DIN
– Anguish Sublime played with Irish Stew, 2nd Chance, Antologija (Apatin), Demention (Smederevo), Hatred, Stillborn (Jagodina), Theative
– Anguish Sublime ratings : 1st by the votes of jury, 4th by the votes of audience, and has qualified to FINALS of the Demo Masters Tournament.

Nov 14th
Novi Sad, club “Enter”, Hit 202 (Bgd 202), 19:00

Hit 202 (Bgd 202) – “Enter” club, 19:00, Entrance: 100 DIN
Anguish Sublime played with Tales of Dark, Dead End, Apocalypse, Moondive, Defilement in front of ~230 people.
– Big HAIL to B.J. CREW and other FANS that supported us!

...and behold, ye lame fleshly sculpture!
What tremendous plague thou hast evoken...
The challenge for a final battle is near.

The restless frown of the moon
drawn like a goëtic circle
shalt be the only audience in this arena,
where like helpless prey thou wilt succumb the hand of thy very own self.

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